Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I have a free sample?
Order a free sample of one of our products to judge the quality of our chocolate for yourself!

My event is not for three months…when should I place my order?

You can place your order at any time and we will not produce your chocolate until just prior to your requested date. We recommend that you request to receive your chocolate about two weeks before your event.

How should I store my chocolate once I receive it?
Chocolate is best kept at temperatures between 63 and 75 degrees F. In most cases, an air conditioned room is perfect. Your chocolates should not be refrigerated or frozen, as this reduces the shelf life. It is also important that you store your chocolate four inches off the floor and at least four inches away from any walls. Do not store your chocolate near materials with strong odors that can be absorbed, thus altering the flavor of the product.

How long will the chocolate stay fresh once I receive it?

Depending on the product, shelf life does vary. Most chocolates will stay at peak freshness for approximately 2 months. Chocolate covered fruit is best within 2-3 days of production.

I don’t know how many guests I’ll be having yet…how do I know how many chocolates to order?

Place your order for the approximate number of chocolates that you think you’ll need. You can adjust your order quantity up or down once you receive your RSVPs. Your quantity can be adjusted until 3 days prior to your due date.

What is your Return Policy?

Every item we sell will give you complete satisfaction or you may return it for a full refund.